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The campaign ended with the collected 

We are currently working on co-financing the rest of the amount needed to launch the project we plan to establish at the beginning of October.

for the realization of this project we need the amount of 60 000 kn.

This amount is needed to:

  • adjust the space for growing mushrooms (isolated growing space, install ventilation, lighting and additional  monitoring electrical equipment, acquisition of shelves for mushroom growing)
  • prilagodili prostor uzgoju gljiva (izolirali prostor za uzgoj, instalirali ventlilaciju, rasvjetu i dodatne elektornske uređaje za praćenje procesa, nabava polica za uzgoj gljiva)
  • equipped a working area for substrate preparation and packing of mushrooms
  • got freight bikes and coffee waste storage containers
  • bought supplies (mycelium, breeding bags)
  • bought a refrigerator to keep mycelium

If you are interested in more, send us a query 🙂


Domagoj Dumančić: 091/366-2222
Juraj Bučević: 098/882-015


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