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Fresh, locally grown mushrooms, which we offer, apart from the excellent taste, contains almost all amino acids, a large number of vitamins, antioxidants unique to mushrooms with preventative action in many conditions, enhancing digestion, immunity, blood pressure and hundred other things because of what we want them to offer to everyone.

Price: 30 kn/ kg

For longer conservation, mushrooms are pickled, which maintains and improves their nutritional and taste properties. With pickled food, we bring good bacteria into organisms that improve digestion.

Price: soon available (currently not in offer)

Drying is the oldest method of mushroom preservation in which they lose 90% of water. An interesting fact is the ability of mushrooms to convert sunlight into vitamin D even after harvesting, and after drying they may have up to 40 times more vitamin D than fresh.

Price: 60 kn/ 100 g

Dried mushrooms can be grinded, which gives off an extraordinary flavor which, unlike dried mushrooms, does not have to be rehydrated, but merely adds to the most varied dishes, from omelet to soup, stewed vegetables and pasta to salads.

Price:  soon available (currently not in offer)

If you want to grow mushrooms yourself, you can do this with our “Shrooms2go” package. Part of the job we did for you, yours is only to open the package, keep it wet for 2 weeks and enjoy the fruits!

Price: soon (currently not in offer)


Vermicast is created by earthworms digestion of organic material. Nutritional quality depends on what we feed worms with. It is interesting to note that the vermicast created by using coffee waste as a food is biologically and nutritional richer than that of a horse-drawn calf as food, and vermicast in general from other composts created by any other method. Vermicast has many useful uses, but most often we use it for plant breeding, so we can rightly expect strong and resistant plants with succulent fruits.

Price: 1.25 kn/ l

Whether you want to create a living ground in your home or just dispose of organic waste, our composting package is all you need. Simply put your organic remnants from the kitchen into a bowl with worms, and when they do their job, feed your plants with vermicast

Price: soon (currently not in offer)

Worms to go is a great solution if you already have a home for worms and you want to establish composting or just catch some fish with them.

Price: soon (currently not in offer)


This locally produced recycled product is great for local people because it serves as a mosquito repellent but also for all fans of coffee scent.

Price: soon (currently not in offer)


Whether you want to learn how to grow mushrooms for personal use or throw yourself into creating mushrooms at a higher level, online course is the first step on that path. With our story and support example we would like to inspire you to join us in this sustainable food production movement.

Price: soon (currently not in offer)

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