We tell you about our story on the blog from scratch, and the very beginning of our story is coffee. More precisely, spent coffee grounds. Bunch of spent coffee. 

It is estimated that 2 billion tonnes of coffee waste per year are generated.We live in a region where the tradition of drinking coffee is very popular, whether at home, in coffee bars, large amounts of coffee are prepared every day what creates problem for us. Namely, only 0 .2% of coffee beans ends in our cup, and the rest of the coffee is just thrown away to the landfill where, due to improper disposal, methane is produced and we have that too much already.

Even when we consider that the coffee is grown, dried, grounded and sent from the other continent all the way to us, we have to wonder is everything left behind after our 0.2% pure garbage or valuable resource? Next, we have to wonder “What can I do with this resource?”
Only then do we discover the world of coffee options.
We have decided to use only some, and the possibilities are many.

“It’s estimated to generate 2 billion tons of coffee per year”.

1. Mushrooms – mix coffee with organic straw, which gives us an excellent substrate for mushroom growing (technical details can be found soon through our online education).

2. Glistinac – With coffee waste we can savor the worms which in turn gives us a highly valued vermicast as product (see more about our vermicast here)

3. Coffee candles – with coffee waste as a base can make candles that, besides being pleasantly smelly, act as insect repellents (learn more about our candles).
4. Keep snails and ants away in the garden – with the waste of coffee we can sprinkle the paths in the garden where we do not want the ants or snails.
5. Improves compost quality – coffee waste contains high amounts of nitrogen which contributes to the quality of the compost. In this way, in a compost pile, the coffee is properly disintegrated, as opposed to the landfill.
6. Dish cleaning – thanks to the abrasive properties of coffee waste, we can use it as a scraping and cleaning agent (certain materials only!).
7. Cleansing the smell of garlic, onion or fish from your hands – it’s enough to rub coffee between our palms to neutralize strong odors.
8. Uncork the drain – mix the hot water with the coffee with which we can clean the clogged drain
9. Neutralizing the scent – coffee has the ability to absorb smells and so thanks to that it can be used to absorb odors from refrigerators, closets, rooms …
10. Non-roasting energy balls – from coffee with the addition of a few ingredients we can get tasty balls without baking (recipe soon)
11. Meat – with coffee we can make a delicious marinade for steak (recipe soon)
12. The bath against fleeces for a pet – after washing a pet, rub the coffee in the fur and carefully rinse it. Fleeces will not only disappear but will not even come back. At least for a certain amount of time
13. Removing old skin cells from hair and hair mask – Coffee properties make it a great hair care preparation (Prescription Soon)
14. Facial mask – coffee is also excellent skin care scrub (prescription soon)
15. Soap – the aforementioned coffee properties are priced in the making of soap (prescription soon)
16. To reduce the dark areas under the eyes and the cellulite – mix coffee with a little honey and warm water to get the smooth mixture you apply to the desired area once a day. When it’s dry, rinse. Caffeine stimulates circulation and reduces inflammation which are causing dark areas under the eyes
17. Defrosting the trails and preventing slippage – You can pour coffee waste on frozen roads that will therefore less skid and gradually dissolve
18. Colouring agent – with boiled water containing the coffee waste can paint clothes, eggs, hair …
19. Increase the yield of radish and carrots – the dried coffee waste can be mixed with the growing medium you are planting to plant carrots or radish in for which they will yield a higher yield
20. Removes flaws on wooden furniture – simply apply coffee to your furniture and smooth it with cotton swab or something like and repeat as many times as necessary
21. Pudding with Coffee – coffee is a great ingredient of this simple pudding (prescription soon)
22. Ice cream with coffee – with the help of coffee make your new favorite dessert (recipe soon)

With the question “What can I do with this resource?” Our story began. After discovering the above-mentioned applications that we can make from coffee-only wastes, we wondered what else we can with other things we now call waste? In the story other similar issues then appeared that led us to a perspective from which ideas are created that we can tackle the problems of society with a positive ecological effect in a profitable way after what it did not make sense to do business just for money when our way brings much more every way. We hope that this post will at least bring you closer to our perspective or even encourage you to start your own story.
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