Used coffee waste is a waste that nobody recycles, and we are successfully breeding fungi, producing compost and other valuable products using it.

 In agreement with the owners of cafes, coffee waste is collected on a daily basis by bicycle, coffee is mixed with organic straw and we grow mushrooms. When the fungus carries primary degradation, all that remains is given to the earthworms, and those secondarily decompose coffee waste. In this way the waste is fully utilized and restored to use.

As a thank-you for the waste provided, owners of the cafes would get mushrooms for personal consumption, and the straw we would get from the local ecological producer would exchange in certain ratios for the produced vermicast. Both of them would get a specially designed promotional tag to prove their affiliation to the project (with a promotional message, eg “We are green guerrilla”, “Composting worms are our pets”).

The project is based on the principle of a circular local economy where we get more marketable products from waste and an community as associate that is a generator of a sustainable economy. The project is considered a non-profit entrepreneurial venture that would direct people to different thinking and boost employment. 


  • Mushrooms
  • Vermicast  – selling to hobby gardeners, vegetable growers, and people for indoor plants
  • Earthworms – Selling to other hobby breeders, poultry breeders, fishermans
  • Starter pack for growing mushrooms at home
  • Starter pack of earthworms for breeding and composting at home
  • Candles – repellent for mosquitoes


  • Demonstrate a sustainable recycling and employment model in the local environment to stimulate entrepreneurial ideas as a precondition for successful self-employment and motivation for staying in Slavonia, which is full of resources.
  • In practice, prove that it is possible to create marketable products via smart recycling.
  • Educate people in other cities across the Republic of Croatia and allow those who are interested to copy the model or make up their own version and become self-reliant and contribute to reducing unemployment and emigration.
  • Demonstrate a successful model of the circular economy as an example of socially-conscious entrepreneurship at the local level, with great potential for branding.
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle as an integral part of a green economy that promotes ecological production, reduces environmental impacts and promotes physical activity. For this purpose, we will travel through the city with bikes with a trailer that will be specifically marked.


  • Products marketed and specially branded.
  • Young people educated  and employed in ecological production.
  • An initial capital for a ‘social enterprise’ was created.
  • Created consciousness of waste as an economically valuable resource.

If you are interested in more, send us a query 🙂


Domagoj Dumančić: 091/366-2222
Juraj Bučević: 098/882-015


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