Ospera Association
(permaculture activists of osijek)

Works in the fields of permaculture, sustainable development and social entrepreneurship, and major part of our work is focused on recycling and reuse.

Throughout years of testing and production of compost, mushrooms, vegetables and fruits, we have succeeded in developing a successful propagation model of mushrooms on used coffee waste.

See our brief animation video about the use & reuse project.

We create value

We want to make marketable products such as mushrooms, humus, candles and we want to educate you to do the same thing in your community.

by use&reuse project

we stimulate circular economy, development of social entrepreneurship, protect the environment, recycle and develop sustainably.

If you are interested in more, send us a query 🙂


Domagoj Dumančić: 091/366-2222
Juraj Bučević: 098/882-015




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